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"Reveal a company's Value"


Many companies deal with a variety of challenges: inability to differentiate themselves from their competitors, unbridled price competition, staff demotivation, lack of costumer loyalty and/or the lack of clear and intelligible communication. These companies seek advice through multiple consulting, coaching, training and/or audit services but they are usually unsuccessful finding satisfactory solutions. We believe the emergence of these problems are symptoms of a deeper issue: the lack of identity, meaning and values.


Value Insight was created to accompany businesses in the search of their unique identity, the particular meaning they give to their activity and the values they would like to work by. Value Insight helps businesses not only in becoming aware and expressing these values. We also help rebuild coherent internal and external communication, and reorganize activities based on these foundations. We want you to monetize your business at its fair value on the market.


Our innovative approach is first and foremost socratic and starts upstream of the business marketing plan. We like to start our coaching by guiding individuals within the company as they reflect on the personal meaning of their own life, their ambitions, their desires. And we ask them to check the consistency of these individual motives with those of the commercial venture they are part of. We indeed believe the a business is the result of a collaborative expression of individuals motives.

Would you like to (re)discover the meaning of your activity, the reason of

your business ? 

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