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"Consult, train, coach to grow Meaning and Values"


We offer a thorough program of consulting, coaching, and training services focusing both on the commercial, marketing and communication level of your business, and deeper into management, decision making, and strategy.


Through the experience and expertise of our five associates, we will work together to reorient and restructure your company based on the meaning that will have emerged from an initial reflection. 

We offer a very detailed and throughout coaching and training, helping along the way with every detail of daily and organizational tasks. We want the change to be a tangible, coherent, and sustainable reality, not just a simple statement of principle. 


There are communication agencies, auditing firms, training companies and consulting. Value Insight aggregates these trades using a complete approach to find your meaning, the unique DNA of your business. We are looking for the "why", the original motivation, because we are convinced that it is the key to the success of your business. We could sum up our services as the "strategic repositioning of business" but we prefer to define ourselves as "The Why Agency".


Are you looking for advice, coaching or training , to reinvigorate your business with a rich sense of meaning and coherence?

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